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World-class support for the next stage of your voyage.

We help business owners get the liquidity they've earned while preserving the legacy and culture they've built.

What We Do

    What We Do    

Voyage Partners is an investment firm led by a U.S. Navy Special Operations veteran focused exclusively on acquiring one great business and enhancing its value for years to come. Backed by successful entrepreneurs, experienced operators, and leading investors, we are an ideal solution for sellers who care about preserving and enhancing the company and culture they have worked hard to build.

A singular focus on your business

We were formed to acquire and operate a single business. Your company will be the sole focus of our operator's focus for years to come.

Committed capital for acquisition and growth

Although we live in unprecedented and uncertain times, our firm remains committed to creating value and is ready to deploy resources to make it happen.

Preserving culture and legacy

We're not a chop-shop and we have no interest in a turnaround. Your business is thriving because of the people you have and the culture you've built. That is an incredible foundation for growth that we want to help preserve.

Speed of execution

We are light, fast, and precise. We can move quickly to meet your personal goals and the strategic initiatives of your company.

Flexible structures

Continue to participate in the bright future of your company: roll equity, retain a seller's note, serve in a board position, or focus on a specific role in the company. Let's talk about your long-term goals.

Our Focus

    Our Focus    

With the end goal of holistic, long-term value creation, we're looking to acquire a company with these characteristics:
  • Strong macro trends

  • An under-penetrated market

  • Low consolidation

  • Low exposure to exogenous risk

  • Mission-critical services

  • $5M to $50M in revenue

  • $2M+ annual cash flow

  • Proven history of growth

  • An owner ready for the next phase

  • Talented management

  • Strong employee base

  • Values-based culture

    Who We Are    

brian profile large.JPG
Brian Anderson
Managing Director & Operator-in-Residence

Brian Anderson is the Managing Director & Operator-in-Residence at Voyage Partners, LLC. Prior to this role, Brian had the privilege of serving for ten years as a U.S. Navy Special Operations Officer in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community. After transitioning out of the service, he spent two years as the founder of a tech startup and two years as a nonprofit management consultant before launching Voyage Partners.


Brian earned his MBA in 2017 from the Kellogg School of Management and his Bachelors in Ocean Engineering in 2006 from the U.S. Naval Academy. He and his wife live in Waco, Texas, with their two children and are very active as a family in their local church.

Investors & Advisors
Portfolio Companies

    Select Portfolio Companies    

The limited partners at Voyage are highly engaged and have a track record of creating value across several industries.
Collectively, they've helped over 200 companies flourish.
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Headquartered in Waco, TX

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